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So the Gregory Deva 60 is not only the best backpacking backpack for women but there is a good chance that it will play a large roll in your future dating relationships. A quick look at the specs yields a similar picture to the Baltoro backpack in terms of features:

In the past few years, manufacturers have finally realized that there are a lot of women day hikers and backpackers, and their bodies aren’t the same as men’s. Therefore, we need so we don’t end up with aching shoulders and backs! What is the right backpack for women?

Best Hiking Backpacks For Women - Crazy Backpacks

Backpacks 101: The Right Backpack for Women

: A hiking backpack is much larger than a hydration waistpack or daypack. You’ll be using a backpack to carry everything you need on overnight trips, such as your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, water, 10 Essentials, and much more. A good backpack for women will be specifically designed for the female body. Last time I looked, we certainly have different curves than the guys, right ladies? 😉